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Cayo Clinio Mecenas was born around 70 A.D. He is known to be the first promoter of culture in history and a symbol of disinterested responsibility and commitment. Thus the name “Mecenas” continues to this day -together with it’s ideology- to be applied to all people or entities that are committed to the altruistic promotion of education, culture and social work in general.

With this perspective in mind, MAECENAS: EDUCATON AND CULTURE is founded, with the goal of making it the crucible for all people, entities and institutions of the Spanish and international societies, who are interested in seeing their objectives of social commitment being accomplished and coming to fruition.

The social necessities of our environment, the – often excessive- accelerated growth of our society, the impact of globalization, technology and numerous unspoken aspects that are influencing social evolution in a critical way; force us to plan different focuses of activity. These have to give a more contemporary meaning to our presence in society as a modern educational organization.

On the other hand, we believe that we have the capacity to contribute the so-called “social value” and this is the reason we conceived this as an institution.

A social value oriented towards reaching out to our environment, -be it the immediate one or the furthest out- with our educational dynamics in the personal aspect and also the institutional one.


Through MAECENAS we aim to be committed to our proposition, both from and towards our immediate society. On numerous occasions there is a proposal of a profile for an educational institution that is excessively broad, and sometimes even utopian.

An utopia which if well understood can well bring many of the proposed objectives to fruition. However, in order to make this happen, it is imperative to plan. And from this point, from this written reality, we will try to make our project of social commitment become a reality, through its specific programs.

We are aware of the importance to partner with other individuals and institutions to achieve this goal. Institutional aloneness or the misunderstood endogenic sense of an organization will weaken in a significant way any of the initiated projects. We are therefore conscious of the need to have the support of all those who want to take part in our proposal.

Therefore, let’s go forward…

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