From our perspective, the institutional lines of the


are defined by the following social parameters:


“Make education the real motor of social change”


“To be the crucible for the union, -in a unique social project,- of enterprising entities and organizations of varied nature and purpose, with the idea of promoting social, educational and cultural projects. These would have the vision of the future and would benefit the present society forming the pillars of a better future society”


In order to achieve this, we suggest the following objectives:

  • To develop educational projects and programs in the education, cultural and social fields, that would allow encouraging others to engage in the project. These projects will carry our basic humanistic values, which could contribute the values to the society in which they live.

  • To promote training, innovation and development projects for schools, teachers and future education professionals in all its aspects, both in the national and international levels.

  • To support children, youngsters and families with special educational needs, either intellectually, physically or emotionally disabled as well as gifted ones.

  • Promote meetings, seminars and courses for people, professional groups, educational and cultural and social entities, in order to improve their services in each case, and to accomplish the social intentions for which they were created.

  • Advocate social collaboration and participation projects, in the local as well as international scope, which would permit the help and assistance to people or groups, which are at risk of social exclusion.


Honesty  /  Social Responsability /  Plurality  /  Creativity  /  Innovation



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