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What is?

The rapid changes in the world of educational institutions – mainly globalization, values, technology and trends in education – have dramatically affected how schools view their mission in society and their institutional goals. The way in which students focus, learn, communicate, and work today will have a direct impact on the roles these young individuals will play in society and in the world in the years to come.

Cognitive abilities, while important, are proven to be insufficient in today’s job market. It has become increasingly valuable that the cognitive abilities are paired with less tangible skills such as leadership, grit, critical thinking, creativity, resilience, communication skills, and self-reliance.

All of these attributes are critical components of success in today’s jobs, and will be more so in the competitive job market in the future. It is paramount that educators understand these increasing demands and provides the next generation -from a very early age- with the tools to navigate and succeed in tomorrow’s world.

This new reality constitutes a challenge for schools across the globe, which need to place themselves in the forefront as the main agent of change. We believe that it is imperative that school administrators and faculty embrace the role as catalysts of this new approach, and together lead the way to a new concept in education that will prepare the next generation for the challenges ahead.

Maecenas Global Education was created to provide an international forum for educators to discuss methodologies and best practices, and to foster the interaction and cultural exchange between academic institutions of excellence.

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